Gravesite Care and Remembrance

Gravesite Care and Remembrance

Gravesite Care and Remembrance PicGravesite Care and Remembrance

Your loved one deserves to have a resting place that respects their life and shows love and care. Many gravesides are neglected because family plots are sold with property or they just grow over and they are gone forever. Often families do not live near the gravesite of their family members. Tending to their resting place can sometimes be difficult.

Gravesite Care and Remembrance will care for your loved ones resting place. Our service will clean the headstone and trim all vegetation from the site. We work with all cemeteries to make sure your site care and remembrance are appropriate.

Our company provides an opportunity for you to remember them by choosing a remembrance in our floral and memorial department. We will work with you to create a custom remembrance which will reflect your love and devotion.

Please contact us so you can express your desire for a floral or another type of memorial. We will work with you to create a custom remembrance.

You will receive a photo and a certificate from the cemetery that the work was done and the gravesite has been honored.

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Mileage applies to traveling to cemeteries.

Please contact us at 614.436.5551 or for more information.

Gift Certificates Available, please contact Lineage Links at 614-436-5551.

Did You Know?

An upright headstone is considered a monument.

A headstone that is flat to the ground is a marker.

Markers are used to preserve the appearance of a natural setting.

Unknown Grave Marker
Man-In-Chair Grave Marker

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