Fees and Services

fees and services

Fees and Services

Lineage Links fees and services are competitive within the industry and our service quality is exceptional. The standard research fee is $50.00 per hour with a $250.00, non-­refundable retainer, paid through PayPal using a credit card/PayPal or by check. This provides for data analysis, action plan development and the balance in general research. Our work is very focused upon providing primary source documentation. You will receive all documents and citations.

Gift Certificates Available, please contact Lineage Links at 614-579–3180.

Basic Individual Research and Report

$250.00 Retainer

Analysis of existing data and preparing a research plan, and document preparation. After the retainer is exhausted, you can purchase more research at the $50.00 hourly rate, in increments of 2 hour blocks of time. Should the analysis not require the full advance, the remainder will be credited toward future research.

Lineage Society Applications
(DAR, SAR, Mayflower Society)

$500.00 Retainer

Many of our researchers are members of these societies so we are very familiar with the process. The application length will vary depending on how much research must to be done to complete the application. We will provide you with documentation needed to assist in the process but we cannot guarantee your acceptance since membership in these societies are out of our control.




Phone Consultation


Old-Tel_48x48We will be more than happy to provide you with resources that might help you find your own information. A phone consultation might be all that you need. We charge $40.00 per hour or fractions thereof at 15 minute intervals. Purchase this through PayPal using a credit card or your PayPal account.

On-site Research


This service is for persons that need onsite research to find records that have not been previously obtained. Travel to the archives, courthouse or other repositories is billed at 0.56 per mile as per IRS guidelines. Cost of copies, parking and postage will be billed separately.

On-site Research Hours

All findings are confidential and can only be released in writing by the original client.

DISCLAIMER: Our fees are based upon services rendered. In conducting our search, we rely on the information that you provide to us at the inception of the search. If the information you provide to us is not accurate or complete, it will affect the results of our search and may well lead to incorrect findings and inaccurate data and results. Additionally, we are not, and cannot be responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of the documents we locate and disseminate to our clients. We cannot and do not warrant any information we provide. Our services are in the nature of entertainment and are not authenticated in any manner. We cannot always guarantee the accuracy of our findings.

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