What to Expect

What to expect when you hire a dedicated genealogist

dedicated genealogist researchYour dedicated genealogist will put their full expertise into discovering your families historical journey. All clients will receive all sourced documents and a record of how your investment was spent. Any other expenses up to $20.00 for copies, parking, mileage and/or admission fees will be billed to the client. All receipts will be submitted to you. We will be mindful that the research being done meets your budget and family history goals.

All clients should be specific as to what records they are looking for and what is their overall goal. We will develop an action plan for the research and continually collaborate with you to make sure that we are on the correct path. Many questions arise throughout the process so we will be bringing you along the journey with us. All phone conversations are not charged against your retainer.

To provide you with the best service, researchers need to have the correct information to lead us to the desired outcome. It will be your responsibility to relay in writing data that you already have including the correct names, dates and places (to the best of your knowledge), via eĀ­mail or snail mail. This will keep us from redoing research that has already been done and will save you money in the long run. Our fee schedule is posted on our site. Genealogists, as a rule work off a retainer. We require a $250.00 retainer which is non refundable. Your initial retainer will go to reviewing your information and developing a research plan. The balance will go to the implementation of your family history objectives. Many research goals cannot be obtained within the retainer. This depends on the scope and detail of the project. You can order additional research at the per hour rate after your retainer has been exhausted.

Lineage Links is not a private investigation company. We do not research birth parents or lost past relationships. Lineage Links is an independent contractor and abides by the code of ethics and standards defined by the Association of Professional Genealogists.


I want to thank you and your team for finding primary resources that show that my family descended from Jurian Van Westphalen, an indentured servant, living in New Amsterdam in the early 17th century. What a wonderful surprise. I recommend you to all my friends that are interested in genealogy. I also hired you to tend to my mothers grave. The results were fabulous, the flowers were beautiful. My mother was honored as she should be. Joyce Kellogg

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