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Our Genealogical and Historical Research Team

Lineage Links has many researchers that have expertise in many areas. We are all educators with a passion for genealogical historical research. As researchers and writers we are able to weave together a narrative with the facts and photos you provide and a story that fits your ancestor into the sociological, economic and historical context of their times. Our professionals all possess Master’s degrees and belong to many lineage societies and associations.

Genealogical and Historical Research Services

Our company is located in Columbus, Ohio. Our genealogical historical researchers are conveniently located to all records for the State of Ohio, Ohio Historical Society and neighboring counties. We travel often to Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia to work on research projects for clients. Travel to international destinations will be posted on our site if you need research in those areas.

We can also provide translation for Old Dutch, French and German documents.


Dear Diane,
I was so impressed with the information that I received. You were able to tie my Kentucky roots into pioneers of early Virginia. I appreciate it that you turned over every stone to get this information. I never realized how many ways you can spell a last name. You sought out every lead. Our family will cherish the book we received. Thank you so much.
Cathy Nowak, Cleveland, Ohio

When you know you need a professional genealogist

Roundicons-21When you placed flowers on the grave of a person that you thought was your long lost grandfather in a cemetery in the inner city of a large American city, just to find out it was not him. Very thoughtful though.

Roundicons-01When you have spent a good part of 10 years trying to get records for your great grandmother landing on Ellis Island. Just to find out that she really came to America through Canada and then took a boat to Cleveland. Very disappointing since the family story told of a 4th of July landing with fireworks lighting up the sky and the tears of joy after gazing upon the Statue of Liberty. Not quite the same story.

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